The INOVET aims, as its name suggests, innovate formulations, packaging, concepts, ideas and processes, driving the market for a new era. The Age of supplements and Response Steering, Super Premium Supplements.

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About Us


Participate innovatively in the field of veterinary supplements, providing excellent products associated with aggregated value.


Being a Leader and Reference in modern innovative veterinary supplements in the next five years, and Pioneer in products and services that will revolutionize the practice of veterinary medicine.



- Integrity and Respect in dealing with trade and human relationships;

- Prosperity and Satisfaction for suppliers, employees, partners and customers;

- Training, Integration and constant motivation of the team;


- Social and Environmental Responsibility.



Aqualitus is a fresh and palatable solution to be added on drinking water, formulated to ease the diary oral hygiene, and help freshen your pet's breath and maintain oral health.


Nutritional supplement, rapid response and guidance to support the recovery of organic systems.

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