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Captor® is a nutritional supplement meant to be used for the support of the organic systems, such as:

Gastrointestinal System;

Imunologic System;

It also helps the elimination of the toxins.



After diluting the product, vehicle hanger maintains the homogeny consistency for longer;

The vehicle hanger leaves no residue on the surface of glass or syringe. It provides that the product is always consumed in the correct dose.

Inulin; activated and micronized charcoal;

Glutamic Acid, Pyridoxine, Zinc amino acid chelate;

Zeolite: micronized and activated.

Neutral flavor.



Boxes containing 5 sachets (8 gr. each)

Boxes containing 15 sachets (8 gr. each)


Shelf Life

2 years from the manufacturing date.


Directions for use

Captor should be given by oral route or added to food or drinking water.



Add the contents of 01 (one) sachet on the pet's diet or dilute 01 (a) sachet for each 40 ml of drinking water for every 10 to 20 kg of body weight (twice a day, during 4 days).



Only administer oral medications two hours before or after using Captor. Captor contains adsorbents molecules, which may inactivate medications administered directly into mouth.



Aqualitus is a fresh and palatable solution to be added on drinking water, formulated to ease the diary oral hygiene, and help freshen your pet's breath and maintain oral health.


Nutritional supplement, rapid response and guidance to support the recovery of organic systems.

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