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Glutamax GP

Glutamax is meant to be used on the supplementation of amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins for mammals, birds and reptiles. It contains amino acids, vitamin B complex and maltodextrin. It´s also enriched with glutamin and taurine. In its composition there are important nutrients to support debilitated animals, under stressful conditions, practicing sports or in exhibitions.


New concept: proteic and fat metabolism.
Glucose free.
Caramel taste.
More ingredients and more concentrated.
Lower dose: 2 drop/kg.
Guarantee of a fixed composition (lab analysis).


Bottle with dropper: 10 mL and 40 mL
Bottle with dosing syringe: 80 mL and 250 mL

Shelf Life

2 years from the manufacturing date.
Directions for use
Glutamax should be given by oral route or added to food or drinking water. 
Dogs, cats, mustelids, reptiles: 2 drops per each kg of body weight, or 0,5 mL per each 4 kg of body weight twice a day. 
Birds and rodents: 4 drops diluted in 100 mL of drinking water (3 mL per liter of drinking water), or 1 drop twice a day directly into the mouth. 



Aqualitus is a fresh and palatable solution to be added on drinking water, formulated to ease the diary oral hygiene, and help freshen your pet's breath and maintain oral health.


Nutritional supplement, rapid response and guidance to support the recovery of organic systems.

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